About Us

Sci-Pi Tutors is led by Prof. Sundar V. Atre who has a Ph.D. from Penn State and is the Endowed Chair of Manufacturing and Materials at the University of Louisville where he leads a new program on Digital Manufacturing & Design.

He focuses on 3D Printing research

He has taught over 1000 students in 4 continents

He has delivered over 100 lectures around the world

He has developed technology solutions for over 40 companies

He has 7 patents and over 20 intellectual property filings  

He has helped establish 8 start-up companies, one of which received $50 million in private investment
Prof. Sundar V. Atre

He has served on scientific review panels for the National Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Environmental Protection Agency

He has published over 160 technical articles in advanced materials and nanotechnology